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Flax Hulls
Fortified Flax Hulls (with Broccoli Sprouts)

 Flax Hulls ingredients 
Flax Hulls - Lignans
Lignans - What is it
Analysis of Flax Hulls
Vitamin B12 or Cobalamin
Flax Hulls - Metals Analysis


 Flax News 
Breast Cancer - reports and trials
Testimonies from producer
New Therapies for Psoriasis
HRT - a significant breast cancer risk
Importance of fibre in diet
Avoid HRT for menopause
Antibiotics may increase chances of Breast Cancer
ASA may cut breast cancer risk: study
Milk may lower colon cancer risk
Study cast doubt on soy as menopause aid
Warning over HRT long-term use
High Five for Fibre
Study shows Lignans help with hair loss
The First Steps to a Strong Immune System
Sulforaphane effective against H. Pylori
Sulforaphane - could fight Leukemia, cancers
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